Elda 2.5x3.2m 8m2

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Standart package (Price: 6500 Eur)

    Base area (quadrature)
    8 m²
    Building material
    Certified natural Baltic pine or spruce
    top, roof
    19-20 mm roof boards
    Bitumen roofing
    Optional roof cover available
    Roof area
    10.15 m²
    Roof overhang
    25 cm
    External dimension
    250 x 320 cm
    Wall thickness
    44 mm
    Minimum height of the walls
    202.5 cm
    Ridge height
    229.5 cm
    Vestibule: 19 - 20 mm floor boards with tongue and groove connections, base frame and cross braces.
    Door dimensions (width x height)
    2 * 85 x 192 cm (clear dimension 72 cm x 185.5 cm)
    Window dimensions (width x height)
    1 * 50 x 50 cm (clear dimension 37 cm x 37 cm); 1 * 70 x 105 cm (clear dimensions 57 cm x 92 cm)
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    This sauna is a lot of fun because it is suitable for daily use. Even in the coldest temperatures, it only needs a few hours to heat up. The loungers are made of hardwood to reduce resin build-up and provide additional comfort. If the size seems a bit too small for you, larger versions of 12 m², or 16 m² are also available. This sauna offers the ultimate in flexibility. Wood is the best material for a sauna thanks to its durability and ability to withstand high temperatures. The elegant design took into account not only space, but also style. The integrated exhaust pipe helps to keep the optimal temperature. Use your sauna at any time and as you like, day or night.
    Delivery 6-10 weeks
    Delivery is free

Optional items

  • Electric heater 6kw (600 Eur)
  • Wood burning Harvia M3 stove 16kw (800 Eur)
  • Wood burning Harvia M3 stove( loading outside) (1000 Eur)
  • Electric heater protective fence (80 Eur)
  • Wood burning stove protective fence (80 Eur)
  • Clothes hanger (40 Eur)
  • Head rest (40 Eur)
  • Back rest (70 Eur)
  • Termometer-hygrometer (60 Eur)
  • Sauna lamp cover (40 Eur)
  • Assembled on site (700 Eur)
  • Sauna lighting (150 Eur)
  • Warm protection panel (200 Eur)






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