Barrel sauna “Mini” 2m lengh

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Standart package (Price: 3500 Eur)

    Barrell saunas are made of siberian spruce,
    Saunas standart set: sauna, 2 small windows at rear, standart door with small glass at front, saunas benches, elektric installation inside sauna, bitumen roof ( brown, green or black colour) wall painted outside, saunas wooden legs,
    Production and delivery 8-12 weeks
    Free delivery

Optional items

  • Electric heater’Harvia’ (600 Eur)
  • Half panoramic glass at the rear wall (500 Eur)
  • Full panoramic glass at the rear wall (750 Eur)
  • Internal Glass door (350 Eur)
  • External glass door (400 Eur)
  • Wood burning stove with 2m long stainles steel chimney (600 Eur)
  • Extra stainless steel 1m long chimney pipe (35 Eur)
  • Outside front seating area (500 Eur)
  • Entrance roof (300 Eur)
  • Harvia wood burning stove, loading from outside (1000 Eur)
  • Assembly on a side (500 Eur)
  • Painting (200 Eur)
  • Sauna lighting (100 Eur)





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