Grill Cabin 7.0 m2 flat pack

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Standart package (Price: 5500 Eur)

    6 corners cabin - standard set: Straight walls, roof, floor panels;
    Standard BBQ grill and table around the grill; Extendable chimney;
    3 double glazed windows (1 openable);
    Door with the lock and double glazed hexagon window; 5 inside benches (2
    extendable for sleeping);
    Cushions for the benches.
    Inside area: 7.0 m2
    Size: 10-12 people
    Height: 3100 mm Wall height: 1200 mm Timber: Pinewood
    Wall thickness: 45 mm
    Floor thickness: 18 mm
    Roof thickness and finishing: 18 mm; Finnish bitumen shingles
    Window size: 880 x 510 mm
    Door size: 780 x 1500 mm
    Includes an assembly kit and instructions for assembly
    lead time 4-8 weeks

Optional items

  • Painting (200 Eur)
  • Assembly on site (800 Eur)





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